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Sunday, 5 January 2014

BSNL Best 3G and 2G Internet STV Plans

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This post is a Suggestion to those people who are using BSNL GSM services and wants a Good Internet plan with awesome speed on 3G network or 2G. All the Indian telecom providers like Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance hike their GPRS and 3G Packs. BSNL also increase the cost of the plans but still they are most beneficial as compare to its competitors.

BSNL unified its GPRS and 3G packs that means you have to pay the same amount for downloading and uploading stuff on both the networks.

Ok, so, now come to the main point, If you are a decent user, Use internet for only study or work purposes and facebook browsing then Go for 251 STV plan, it will gives you 2 GB 3G data with 1 month validity.

If you use Internet frequently and your data usage is more than this, then Go for 561 STV Pack, for 5 GB High speed internet data usage.

I recommend these 2 plans highly, because I am also using the same plans.

These STV’s are compatible with GSM Network, so easily accessible with mobile, Tablet or Laptop PC.

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